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Having an enormous experience in the field of CNG/LPG Landirenzo extend its expertise and maintaing its leadership position in the unattached field of diesel vehicle. After extensive research and development our technical team has came up with Diesel-CNG solution. This will raise the bar for the industry to new greater heights.

Diesel CNG Solution: (Italian Perfection)

Landirenzo feels proud in offering state of the art Italian Diesel CNG alternative fuel system. Be it a bus or a truck, we make it environment friendly and cost saving. An era of greener & safer mobility...

Mono Fuel System

Enables an engine to run propellant to diesel, This solution is designed to run dedicatedly on CNG. The system is eco friendly and pocket friendly. It gives an engine the taste of greener fuel and exhaust causes less pollution and smong, fuel savings & better mileage.

Dual Fuel System

Enables an engine to run proportionate with diesel, it is a blend of diesel together with CNG is passed on by Gas injectors to give optimum composition ratio so a vehicle gets the best performance as well as savings.

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