Why Ideas on Wheels?

Ideas on Wheels is an initiative promoted by Landi Renzo Corporate University and others selected partners, to stimulate, capture and support the development of innovative ideas of young people on sustainable mobility.

Technical and technological knowledge is not enough to translate ideas into projects or business initiatives; it is also necessary to develop entrepreneurial and managerial knowledge.

For this reason, Ideas on Wheels offers the opportunity to attend  an intensive  program (Boot Camp) at the Landi Renzo headquarters on business plan, technology transfer and entrepreneurship

Our idea of Sustanable Mobility…


The Idea

The Idea may regard:

- a product,
- a technological solution,
- a service

and may be able to make the future mobility more sustainable.

It may be a solution for the producers (business2business) or for the final customer(business2consumer).

Who may attend?

Ideas on Wheels is an "idea competition" open to young people such as high school or university students, high school or university graduates, employed or not, between 18 and 32 years old.

Candidates can also participate in a team, composed of a maximum of 3 young members, led by a group leader.

The competition is completely free.
The deadline for the idea presentation is the 30th September 2011.
More info are available at the Corporate University website www.lrcu.it

The Format

The 10 best ideas

The winners will take part to the "BOOT CAMP for Young Entrepreneurs" organized by December 2011 at the Landi Renzo headquarters.

The Program will last for three days consisting on:


The Partners


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